Anticipation Guide


  • Use an anticipation guide to help students focus on what is important in the reading assignment. At its simplest, it is a series of agree/disagree statements given as a pre-reading strategy . It can also be an Anticipation/Reaction Guide if students return to the same statements after the reading assignment.


  • Example from 8th grade science


  1. Glencoe teaching strategies (a pdf file for teachers)
  2. Reading strategies (includes instructions and examples)
  3. Read•Write•Think (an example of how it can be used for a team assignment)
  4. Indiana University Anticipation Guide (includes directions and an example)
  5. Learn NC (a brief explanation and links to many examples)\
  6. Anticipation Guides (directions and references)
  7. Florida Online Reading Strategies (description with examples, files and additional links)