Please add how you handle student missed work to this page! :)

AncientCivTeach's Assignment Board

I set up one of my bulletin boards as an assignment board at the beginning of the year. It is a pretty good size board - I'd say 4 by 6 feet, but I've seen this modified on much smaller boards.

  1. I put up a cloth background, border around the edges, then a strip of border down the middle.
  2. On the left side there is a blank monthly calendar.
  3. On the right side I have 5 rows of 6 catalog envelopes. This is enough for an entire unit of handouts for me. (I use 6 x 9 because my handouts are half sized, but they work pretty well for full sized handouts too if you fold them.)
  4. I use sticky notes to label the envelopes NB 1, NB 2, NB 3, NB 4 . . . etc. (some people use file labels)
  5. I have a row of folders stapled across the bottom of the board labeled - Monday-Friday

At the end of each day I:
  • I write down the assignments for each day as we do them, and the notebook pages used. I also write down the homework.
  • Place any extra notebook handouts in the envelopes, and label the sticky note.
  • Place any extra copies of homework/classwork assignments in the appropriate day's folder.

The students are then responsible for checking the calendar and getting any missing work. It works remarkably well for me, and it is a great visual for parents! This year I am considering buying a desk calendar, and writing the names of absent students on each day for them to initial.

Wldywall's Missed Student Work Method:

I have a file crate that I keep next to the door. In the crate are hanging folders with each weeks dates on it.
  • In the corresponding week I put file folders with the work students have done for each day, labeled with the exact name in my gradebook, page number of notebook (this years addition) and the date.
  • Inside each file folder I have two things stapled inside; a master copy, and a key if it is notes I have given in class, or the reading the assignement is based on, blank copies are kept in the middle.
Students are responsible for grabbing work for themselves when they come in the next day. As I finish a unit and the students are no longer allowed to make up the work, I take those pages out.
  • In back of the crate I keep general papers, bellwork sheets, graphic organizers etc.
I keep track of who is absent by making notes in a small journal I keep in my hands at all times. Attendence, behavior notes, bathroom passes all go into that book. At any time I just flip open the book and can see instantly that a child was absent, for what reason (I get those off the computer at the end of the day) and at the start of the next day can instantly remind a student to check the crate.

The crate system works great when I have many lessons that will not make it into the interactive notebook, like a lesson I did on Music in American History, that project lasted 6 weeks and involved many handouts.

SwtOGirl's Missed Student Work Method:

I have an "Example ISN" which I update as I assign work. As the students glue in an assignment, or complete a Hook or Sinker, I glue in the assignment or write the directions on the pages. This is a resource for absent students as well as those that need to "catch up" before I grade a unit.

I also have a Post-It Note Easel Pad on which I write my "Table of Contents." The students know when they return to class, they can check the "Table of Contents" to see what they missed. Then, they can ask a neighbor for details or check my Example ISN to find out how to complete assignments.

I keep extra copies of each paper assignment in a step file organizer. When I finish with a unit, I file any extras in my filing cabinet for next year.