Skills checklist


  • Laboratory skills are generally pass/fail; students must demonstrate mastery in using microscopes, balances and probes before they can use them to make observations and collect data.Make a list of the discrete steps required for mastery. Skills can assess their own skills or demonstrate mastery to a teacher.
  • You can make licenses using the free Avery DesignPro software (see Resource 1).


  • ExampleChecklist.gif
  • BalanceLicense.gif


  1. Avery DesignPro software (free download, for any size Avery label, Mac supported)
  2. NY Regents' core curriculum lab skills (pdf files, the skills are listed at the end of each document)
  3. Science Process Skills from Wright Center (pdf file)
  4. Project-based learning checklists (create your own by grade and subject)
  5. Rubistar rubric maker (always free)