SQ3R, SQ4R, PQRST and its variants


  • SQ3R is a reading and comprehension strategy. Although it comes naturally to many good readers, other students need explicit instruction in approaching difficult texts.
  • S = Survey. Pre-reading scan: look at the titles and subtitles; identify the vocabulary; look at the visuals; identify focus questions.
  • Q = Question. Also pre-reading: identify questions for reading focus (what is the article about?); provide students with a list of questions or have them devise their own list.
  • R1 = Read. Read actively, looking for answers to the questions. Re-read passages as needed. No notes taken in this strategy.
  • R2 = Recall. Try to answer the questions without using the text.
  • R3 = Revise and review. Check answers with the text and revise as needed; review what you learned.


  • From Reference 2:
  • SQ4R.png


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