Reciprocal teaching


  • Reading with a partner is a low-risk way for adolescents to practice reading aloud while maintain active participation. Partners help each other pronounce unfamiliar words and use discussion to clarify meaning. Reciprocal teaching is a scaffolded approach to teaching comprehension strategies. Students read with partners or in small groups and then complete a discussion guide.
  • RT highlight four processes:summarizing, questioning, clarifying and predicting.


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    Taken from Resource #2


  1. NCREL (theory and implementation)
  2. Reading Strategies from Greece, NY (background, implementation and graphic organizer)
  3. Reading Quest (implementation)
  4. Model lesson plan from Miami Dade Schools (implementation and example)
  5. Reciprocal Teaching Strategies Worksheet (pdf file)
  6. Jefferson Parrish Public Schools (philosophy and implementation)
  7. Las Cruces Schools Literacy Strategies -