Creating metaphors, similes and analogies


  • Metaphor = a figure of speech in which the comparison is not literal; for example, Love is a rose.
  • Simile = similar to a metaphor, but uses a comparative term such as like; for example, My love is like a rose.
  • Analogy = comparing two things and their similar parts; for example, Love is to humans as fragrance is to flowers.

  • Using metaphors, similes and analogies asks students to move from a concrete to an abstract level. They must identify corresponding parts and to be able to explain their understandings.



  1. The Sourcebook for Teaching Science - has a chapter devoted to using analogies in the science classroom.
  2. Putting the Pieces Together - - has links to templates and technology used to create metaphors and analogies.
  3. Neuroscience For Kids - - shows just how creative you can get for creating metaphors for the brain.
  4. Lee Summit MO website has links to various templates and graphic organizers -