Compare and contrast


  • Compare = identifying similarities
  • Contrast = identifying differences


  • The most classic compare and contrast graphic organizer is the Venn diagram:
  • Venn2.png
  • A comparison matrix can be used when more than one attribute or characteristic is to be compared (from references #2)
  • excelmatrix.jpg
  • A semantic feature analysis is useful as an assessment for students to gauge their understanding:
  • SemanticFeature.gif


  1. Identifying Similarities and Differences - - has many graphic organizers.
  2. Putting the Pieces Together - - has links to technology
  3. Read • Write • Think - - has more detailed information and examples.
  4. Web 2.0 That Works, another wiki devoted to the strategy of identifying similarities and differences - - with examples and explanations that relate to use of technology in the classroom.
  5. For additional examples, templates and graphic organizers, search the Internet for "Identifying Similarities and Differences."