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The purpose of the interactive notebook is to enable students to be creative, independent thinkers and writers. Interactive notebooks are used for class notes as well as for other activities where the student will be asked to express his/her own ideas and process the information presented in class. Requirements vary from teacher to teacher and is set up according to the directions of the teacher. Some go left/right, others go right/left, and still others go sequential. It really does not matter, so keep that in mind when looking at the suggestions.

The purpose of this page to give teachers a starting point for setting up their own notebooks with their classes. The links presented on this page were shared by teachers on T-Net, A to Z, and Pro-Teacher , and of course, TCI, the originators of the Interactive Student Notebook, as examples of good interactive notebooks and guidelines. Credit belongs to the creators of the individual sites. I have tried to divide the sites by subject categories, but many are inter-changeable.

Note: While the majority of the sites are specifically about ISNs, a few - especially those in the right column, are ideas for things you can include in your notebook.

This is by no means a comprehensive list. I no longer have time to keep this site updated on a regular basis. If you are not a member, please join and feel free to add links as you discover other sites. Click on edit, put cursor in an empty box under appropriate category, click on the link in tool bar. Click on "external" tab. Paste link in box and give it a title. Click box for new window. Click "Save" in the tool bar. If you notice any dead links, please delete it by clicking on edit and delete as you would in any document; then click on save.

General Guidelines

TCI - YouTube
Guidelines and Rubric
Slideshare has hundreds of examples of INS. Type the kind of ISN you are looking
for in the search box.
The Interactive Student Notebook

Sparks Fly
Overview for ISN


Language Arts

Keys to Success
Summarizing and Notetaking Templates
Slideshare for students

Non-Fiction Writing Strategies
Writers Notebook
Slideshow for English Notebooks

English Notebooks

Social Studies

Social Studies Website
Sample Assignment Sheet
American History
Interactive Geography Notebook
Geography ISN
Creating a Cover
Teaching Social Studies
Interactive Notebooks

Assignment Table

Social Studies Blog

Social Studies St. Created Textbook


Science Interactive Notebook
Science Notebooks

Physics Interactive Notebook
Elementary Science ISN This site is a wonderful example
of how ISNs can be used with elementary students. Examples
can be used with older students as well.
Your Key to Success

Science ISN Slideshow
Science Foldables

My Science Lessons


Starting your Math Interactive Notebook

Math Videos Online

MyMathClass Interactive Math Notebooks (IMN)

Modern Foreign Languages

Profa Baro's example
Example Syllabus Spanish