3-2-1 Exit Activities


  • After a lecture or textbook, check student understanding with a simple, open-ended assessment.


  • 3 properties of matter
  • 2 intrinsic properties of matter
  • 1 reason why density is an extrinsic property
3 most important events in the character's life
2 questions you would ask this character if you met him
1 way that you are like this character
Variation: 5-3-1 Wrap
5: On your own, determine 5 important facts, ideas,
and/or concepts discussed in class today
3: With your partner/group narrow the 5 down to 3
1: As a class determine the MVP (most valuable point)
of the day
3 recall/understanding questions
2 application questions
1 synthesis or analysis question (refers to Bloom's taxonomy)


  1. This was inspired by an article in Educational Leadership from ASCD (2006). The author was Rick Wormelli, who cites his own book, Summarization in any subject: 50 techniques to improve student learning.
  2. Ticket out the door (pdf file)
  3. Additional Instructional Strategies to Promote a Culture of Literacy in the Content Area Classroom (Word document)
  4. Florida Online Reading Strategies (long description with examples and downloadable files)